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CRMHS Client, John

In life, tough times can happen to anyone. That’s why Columbia River Mental Health Services is here to stand by and support our community.

Meet John, a dedicated construction worker and CRMHS client who was striving to build a better future for himself and his family. While John was receiving counseling at CRMHS, he found himself at a crossroads, facing a financial crisis that threatened his livelihood and his family’s welfare.

Short of money, he had to borrow work tools he needed from coworkers. This stressful situation caused daily anxiety as he saw any financial relief slipping away.

Enter Columbia River’s Hopes and Dreams Fund, a beacon of light in John’s darkest hour.


Support Changes Lives

Your support made it possible for John to get the additional tools needed for his work. The impact was immediate – John could now approach his work with newfound confidence and efficiency. But the benefits from your generous donations didn’t stop there. Your contributions provided him with a pair of sturdy boots and a warm coat, safeguarding him against the cold winter weather as he continued his work.

John’s words resonate with the spirit of the Hopes and Dreams Fund:

“The tools, boots, and coat not only allowed me to do my job properly and confidently, but filled my days with a renewed sense of purpose. Even a small act of kindness can help someone keep their life on track.”

This story is a testament to the profound impact your contributions to the Hopes and Dreams Fund can make. With your continued support and donations, you empower more individuals like John to overcome financial crises and meet their mental health and life goals.

Please join hands with CRMHS in unleashing hope and turning dreams into reality. Your donation to the Hopes and Dreams Fund will change lives and fortify the bonds that make our community resilient and compassionate.

Help one person receive critical financial assistance from the Hopes and Dreams Fund and make an investment in your community today!

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