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Teresa got help from Columbia River Mental Health Services

In life’s twists and turns, some face dark times, battling unseen struggles. Yet, amid the shadows, stories of strength emerge. Meet Teresa, who overcame tough times and found support and healing through Columbia River Mental Health Services.

Teresa was facing mental health troubles when she found CRMHS.

“I remember sitting outside of Columbia River at 7 a.m., waiting to get in and be seen. It was a terrible time in my life. I was having breakdowns and was suicidal. It felt like my world stopped,” shares Teresa.


Getting the Help You Need When You Need It

That same day, a counselor connected with Teresa, and she began her mental health recovery journey. Through CRMHS, Teresa was able to attend group therapy, counseling sessions and cognitive therapy.

She was also connected with various community resources, which allowed her to find housing, obtain assistance with pet fees in her new home, and receive food stamps and social security.

Teresa has now graduated from her counseling program at CRMHS and recently went on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Thailand with her family.

Teresa shares, “If it wasn’t for Columbia River, I don’t know where I’d be. Every time I was struggling, CRMHS helped to keep me taken care of.” She adds, “Before Columbia River, a lot of stuff in my life would have bothered me, and now I know what healthy boundaries I need to maintain. The strength and respect I feel for myself now are amazing. Because of Columbia River Mental Health Services, I’m happy.”

The right resources and support can make a world of difference for people struggling with their mental health. Thanks to continued support from partners and community members, CRMHS is able to make a difference and change lives, but the work isn’t done. That’s why we need your help.

Your contributions to CRMHS provide necessary mental health resources for someone such as Teresa in our community. Help one person receive mental health resources, and make an investment in your community today.

Donate today to support Columbia River Mental Health Services!

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