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This is a drawing of what the inside of new NorthStar Treatment Center is projected to look like when it opens.

Columbia River Mental Health Services will soon be relocating the offices of its NorthStar opioid treatment facility to a location a half-mile from Columbia River’s main campus.

The new facility offers substantial improvements for the staff and NorthStar’s clients.

Facts about NorthStar Treatment Center

As part of the relocation process, we have been answering questions from the community about the new location. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions we have received:

This is a rendering of what the outside of new NorthStar Treatment Center will look like when it opens.

  • NorthStar is the largest outpatient treatment provider for opioid use in Clark County.
  • NorthStar provides access to all FDA-approved medications for opioid use disorder.
  • NorthStar is a regional leader in treatment efforts tailored to fentanyl use. Clark County has experienced a near-doubling of drug overdose deaths from 2019 to today.
  • NorthStar is a regional leader in bringing solutions to the fentanyl epidemic and homeless crisis.
  • NorthStar is a nonprofit treatment center.
  • NorthStar accepts all patients without regard to insurance or ability to pay.
  • NorthStar 2.0 does not add a clinic to the community, it is replacing an existing clinic. This allows us to provide a state-of-the-art facility to better serve a growing need in the community on account of fentanyl use.
  • NorthStar has collaborated with the Clark County Jail to open the first opiate treatment program in a county jail west of the Mississippi.

Columbia River Mental Health Services treats all people in any stage of recovery. Learn more about how we help people with our opiate use treatment program.

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