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Woman and Daughter with masks on

Lucy is one of those people who always greets you with a beautiful smile, a hug, and a kind word. Everyone knows this mom of three as optimistic and upbeat. Although she has a taxing job as a nurse, she always had time for school activities—until a recent car accident left Lucy afraid to get behind the wheel again.

After the accident, Lucy began experiencing panic attacks when she had to get behind the wheel. Her heart would race, she’d get short of breath, and her body would tremble. She couldn’t even bring herself to open the car door.

Lucy’s anxiety was taking control of her life. She began calling in sick to work. She stopped volunteering. She couldn’t run the simplest of errands. But Lucy simply could not let down her children or her patients at the hospital. She knew she needed help. Then a concerned friend told her to call Columbia River Mental Health Services. “It was life-changing,” the friend told Lucy.

Reaching out for help

Desperate to regain control of her life, Lucy picked up the phone and reached out for help. That was in the fall of 2021. Lucy was matched with a therapist who quickly identified her symptoms as panic attacks and recommended a course of treatment. Together, through regular therapy sessions, they discovered the roots of her fears. Over time, Lucy learned to master her anxieties.

Today, Lucy is back behind the wheel, once more bringing a cheerful smile to her family, friends, and co-workers. “Columbia River’s counselors really listened to me and helped me find relief with my panic attacks through coping strategies, and then worked at digging deep to tackle the larger issue with my post-traumatic stress disorder,” she says.

Lucy’s recovery was in large measure due to the support of generous donors like you. Your donation helps provide mental health counseling to someone suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety, substance dependence, or any number of other symptoms. We turn no one away due to an inability to pay, thanks to your donations. Your gift gave Lucy the opportunity to turn her life around. We are so grateful to you for providing mental health counseling to people like Lucy.

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