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In most communities, when a local resident experiences a behavioral health crisis after nightfall, it falls to first responders to intervene. But police, fire, and emergency professionals agree that responding to such emergencies isn’t the best use of their time, skills, or resources. In Clark County a mobile crisis team has operated during the daytime hours. Now, Columbia River has launched a team to close the gap in behavioral health mobile response in Clark County.

The Columbia River Night Crisis team launched May 15. It responds to behavioral health crises from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. seven days a week. The innovative mobile crisis approach in Clark County is supported by Bamboo Health, presenting sponsor of our Spring Gala.

Much of the start-up funding for the mobile Night Crisis team came from grantmakers and government entities. Bamboo Health coordinates the critical OpenBeds software for all adult mobile crisis services in Clark County.

A comprehensive, provider-facing behavioral health solution for health systems, health plans, and state governments, OpenBeds creates trusted, coordinated care treatment networks—improving provider support and care delivery to patients in need. OpenBeds will connect crisis line callers with the available mobile crisis team in Clark County, allowing for a streamlined approach.

Dawn Tec Yah, supervisor of the Night Crisis Team, said residents facing a mental health crisis at night often have few options for intervention, and end up in the emergency room or police station for non-life-threatening conditions. This is a worsening problem in Clark County.

“Mobile crisis response teams, especially those like the Night Crisis team, who will be active when many behavioral health treatment facilities may be closed, will help divert patients away from the emergency department or law enforcement, and instead to more appropriate care,” said Alycia Sepe, BSN, RN, vice president of business development at Bamboo Health.

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