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Mercedes White Calf, speaker at Courageous Conversations: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health, presented by NAACP Vancouver. Event details for November 17, 2023 luncheon.

Join us for our upcoming luncheon, Courageous Conversations: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health, with presenting sponsor NAACP Vancouver.

This free event on November 17 features a candid conversation with Mercedes White Calf, member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and Southwest Washington advocacy coordinator at the Native American Youth and Family Center. Victor Jackson, CEO of Columbia River, will moderate the conversation, and our emcee will be Jasmine Tolbert, YWCA Clark County Vice President of People and Culture and Columbia River Board Member.

Discussing Mental Health Isn’t Taboo

White Calf will discuss her personal story, which explores her life as a biracial woman experiencing untreated mental health conditions, substance use and homelessness, and how it kick-started her passion for social justice.

We will also explore preconceptions and stigmas around mental health and why diverse voices in mental health storytelling are so important.

White Calf shares, “By sharing stories and having a dialog around mental health, we can break stigmas and create avenues and opportunities for people like me. We can create change for generations to come when we work to understand each other’s experiences.”

Start the Mental Health Conversation and Keep It Going

Mental health-related issues and how they appear in everyday life are brought to light with stories and open discussions about mental health. The first step toward change is listening. Listening to others’ stories with the goal of understanding and growth will encourage conversations about struggles and expand our perceptions of mental health.

“For far too long, people have been ashamed to talk about their mental health or substance-use struggles,” said Columbia River’s Jackson. “Keeping them secret or not seeking treatment out of fear of being judged, ridiculed, or losing their job or family. The shame and fear have to stop for our community to heal. It is critical to start the conversation and keep it going.”

By investing in, and attending, Columbia River’s Courageous Conversations Luncheon, you’re supporting this important dialogue.

Join us at noon on November 17 at the Vancouver Hilton and help start a conversation to break mental health stigmas today.

For more information, or to get your free ticket, or find out about sponsorship opportunities, visit the official event site.

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