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Ava Sanchez

Imagine for one moment that you suddenly are unable to receive the mental health resources you need. That’s what happened to Ava Sanchez.

A longtime Southwest Washington resident, Ava had been attending therapy at a local office. One fateful day in 2018, that office told her she was no longer eligible to continue services there.

Ava was shocked and had no idea what to do. She shares, “Inside, I still felt like I needed more help, more counseling.”

Getting Needed Help

Ava began asking friends if they knew of other counselors or therapists. That was when she learned about Columbia River Mental Health Services. “I went into the office, and right away, they took me in and paired me with a counselor,” she explains.

Ava recalls how her life was before starting services at CRMHS. “I used to feel like I couldn’t even go to the store. I didn’t want to go anywhere and felt no one wanted me around. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t tried to find another therapist in 2018.”

Ava has continued receiving counseling services at Columbia River since her first appointment 5 years ago. Our team was able to look at all aspects of Ava’s life and work alongside her to help her achieve personal goals.

Thanks to counseling, she no longer feels inhibited by her mental health and can do more than ever before.

Ensuring Everyone Gets the Help They Need

CRMHS is able to accept all people, regardless of insurance or ability to pay, because of funding and donations. There are more people in our community, like Ava, who need counseling to ensure they’re the best and happiest versions of themselves.

Will you give today to provide counseling services to one person in our community?

Your contribution will support someone in acquiring the skills necessary to regain stability in their life and promote personal well-being.

Help someone in need of mental and behavioral health counseling today by supporting Columbia River Mental Health Services.

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