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A photo from the 2022 Butterfly Ball gala, with two large crafted white butterflies suspended from the ceiling of the large ballroom.

Clark County is in the midst of a fentanyl and methamphetamine epidemic that escalated since 2020, with overdose death rates climbing in our area by almost 100%.

We see the consequences in local media stories detailing tragic overdose deaths on our streets. It’s Columbia River’s job to provide the proper services and care that lead to recovery transformation.

Like butterflies, our CRMHS clients experience life-changing transformations when they receive our services for behavioral health and recovery. Thanks to our newly expanded NorthStar Clinic, opening later this year, vulnerable groups in our community will be able to continue experiencing life-changing transformations.

We’re passionate about this mission, and we are proud to share stories and celebrate the work we do in the community at our upcoming Butterfly Ball Gala, thanks to the support of partners like you.

Dr. Kevin Fischer, CRMHS Chief Medical Officer, shares, “Despite multiple smaller remodeling efforts, our NorthStar clinic is busting at the seams. Our new space will include state-of-the-art technology to serve clients, improved patient privacy, and adequate treatment room space to serve client needs. We’re very excited to bring opioid addiction treatment in Clark County to the 21st century and beyond.”

By investing in, and attending, Columbia River’s Butterfly Ball, you’re supporting an essential transformation in how Clark County addresses opioid treatment and services. Join us for our upcoming Spring Gala at ilani Casino Resort on Friday, May 19, 2023, from 6 to 10pm and help provide hope to our community.

For more information on meals, sponsorship opportunities and ways to register, visit the Butterfly Ball site.

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