Do you know someone that may be depressed or suicidal? Here are some tips for talking with a friend or family member about their feelings:

  • Be Willing to Offer Non Judgmental Support, but Know Your Limits You might be afraid to bring up the subject, but talking openly about suicidal thoughts and feelings can save a life.
  • Tell the person you are concerned and give examples of what concerns you.
  • Directly ask whether he/she is considering suicide or if he/she has a plan or method in mind.
  • Ask if they have a therapist who could be contacted.
  • Do not attempt to argue someone out of suicide. Rather, let the person know you care, that he/she is not alone, these feelings are temporary, and that depression can be treated.
  • Encourage the individual to get rid of any means to suicide (e.g. weapons, extra medications, etc.).
  • Recognize that your support can be crucial, but you are not responsible for what the individual decides to do, or for “fixing” him/her.
  • And when in doubt, call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for guidance @ 1-800- 273-8255

If you are a family member is experiencing mental health or substance use concerns please call 360-993-3003.