We believe that people can and do recover from mental illness and addictions.

We are committed to respecting and helping individuals in their personal recoveries. Our treatment therapies are comprehensive and shown to be effective. We have strong relationships with other community resources that can also be part of a person centered recovery plan. We strive for seamless and easy access to all services needed to support individuals and their families in recovery journeys.


Our primary business is HOPE.

We are eager to help build hope in all who need it . We are convinced that hope leads to recovery. We want to be sure that people who need our assistance – or know someone who does – will reach out for the help that is ready and available to them right now.


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Referral Bonus Increased to $500!

You read it right.  We are hiring for a recent expansion and need your help.  All employees of Columbia River Mental Health Services have the ability to earn an additional $500 by referring qualified applicants.

Client Success Story

Steven S. attributes his recovery from mental illness and finding direction and success in his life to Clearview and Columbia River Mental Health for all the support he got throughout the years.  He came from an abusive and drug infected family and life.  He was essentially homeless and on his own from age 12.  He was often incarcerated. When he came here by court order he thought this was just anther stop on the downward road of his life.  With a diagnosis and treatment specially tailored to him he got well.  We helped him get a job, and he has been successfully married for 9 years.  He has started his own successful business. He and his wife were recently a featured story on the 700 Club. They tell the story and the role that several programs, including Clearview, played in his life.


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