Responsive to Needs

We pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients needs.  Our appointment times are some of the shortest in the area & our clinicians focus on root issues & a hopeful future.

Caring Professionals

Since 1942, we have utilized proven techniques to cause authentic change. Our therapy methods focus on empowering life change, rather than temporal behavior modification.

Highly Accessible

Each of our clinics are easy to reach by any mode of transportation, including bike, car, bus or walking. No matter where you live in Clark County, we are here to serve you.

Recent News

1601, 2018

January is Mental Wellness Month!

To start off the 2018 new year we are sharing some mental wellness tips that can help you maintain your mental health. Mental Wellness Tip #1 is to take time to do things you enjoy- especially [...]

501, 2018

Stigma attached to mental health issues has wide-ranging effects

The stigma attached to mental health issues has wide-ranging effects, including making people with a mental health issue more likely avoid treatment or otherwise seek help than they would with say, a broken bone. There [...]

1312, 2017

Diet an important factor in good mental health

It's well known that diet is an important part to staying physically healthy, but in recent years research has shown that certain foods can have a significant effect on our mental health as well. A [...]

Five Great Reasons to Choose Us

  • Easy Intake Process
  • Amazing Clinical & Medical Staff
  • Fast & Responsive Scheduling
  • Community Support Teams

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