4Results Mentoring Youth to Receive Clark County Youth Achievement Award for Inspiration

One of our thirteen year old girls will receive a Clark County Youth Achievement Award for Inspiration on June 14, 2015. This teenage girl was nominated by her mentor of three years in the 4Results Mentoring program at Columbia River Mental Health Services in Vancouver, WA. Here is her story.

We believe that people can and do recover from mental illness and addictions.

We are committed to respecting and helping individuals in their personal recoveries. Our treatment therapies are comprehensive and shown to be effective. We have strong relationships with other community resources that can also be part of a person centered recovery plan. We strive for seamless and easy access to all services needed to support individuals and their families in recovery journeys.


Our primary business is HOPE.

We are eager to help build hope in all who need it . We are convinced that hope leads to recovery. We want to be sure that people who need our assistance – or know someone who does – will reach out for the help that is ready and available to them right now.




No matter what is going on, we care!

At Columbia River, we strive to care for your entire wellbeing.  Our caring staff will walk with you every step of the way to help you overcome any obstacle that is in your way.  We pride ourselves in being one of the largest non-profit organizations serving the community in this way.

Rest assured, we will walk with you as you strive to work through any situation you may have at this time. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, addiction, or any other behavior health struggle, we can help!  Call us today at 360-993-3000.

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